Mendax Sherrinford

Gentleman Boxer


Mendax Sherrinford is a member of a small, relatively well-to-do family. Those who know him would call him eccentric, assuming they were in the mood to be kind. He spends most of his time as an amateur investigator. He often turns down payment for his services, or more often isn’t offered payment in the first place – he’s just looking into events that catch his interest, often in places he’s not wanted.

He is intelligent and cocky, bordering on self-absorbed. He carries himself like a gentleman and speaks in a very cordial, polite manner, but his voice often slips into a superior tone that tends to turn people off.

His older brother Meiltor is the head of the Sherrinford clan and has always seen his brother to be the black sheep of the family. He is even more clever than his Mendax, but manages to be more charming and is more well liked as a result. Meiltor runs the family’s legal firm and often works closely with some of the political powers in the area. He likes to stay out of the way and sometimes acts as an “adviser to the advisers,” taking a commission to give advice on military and economic factors. Because of his preference to stay behind the scenes this position doesn’t carry any real political weight or power. Most of the people that actually wield power don’t even know who he is, let alone that their advisors call on him for advice on occasion – and this is how Meiltor likes it.

Meiltor believes his brother could be a valuable asset to their firm, and recently cut Mendax off from the family coffers, upset that Mendax has been living off their parents money without making any significant contributions. Meiltor does care greatly for his brother and would be more than willing to welcome him back into the family if he were willing to fall in line and help with the firm. He thinks his brother’s desire to solve mysteries is a childish fantasy that is below him.

Mendax, on the other hand isn’t interested in the family business. When Meiltor cut him off, he took to the streets with nothing more than the clothes on his back and his detective and disguise kit.

When he overheard his brother talking with one of the queen’s advisers regarding the unusual and unexpected nature of the festival, Mendax’s curiosity was piqued. He decided to join in the festival to investigate, seeing it as an opportunity to prove to his brother that his skills were useful and his chosen vocation valid.

He rarely carries a weapon, but took up the art of fisticuffs at a young age and found that it suited him. While he is not particularly strong, his knowledge of human anatomy and his perceptiveness allow him to pick up on subtle cues on how to out-maneuver his enemies and hit them where it hurts.

“I have studied his fighting style and have observed that in his previous three fights, my opponent led with a left jab, followed by a right cross. It also appears that when he leads with his left leg, there is an 85% chance that his attack will be a feint to set up for a follow-up strike. Strategy: Side step his opening jab, then elbow block the right cross to open his defenses. Right jab to weaken jaw, then strike abdomen to crack ribs. Follow with a left hook to dislocate the weakened jaw, block his retaliatory haymaker with right arm. A forward kick will break his previously fractured ribs, causing an internal abdominal hemorrhage. I recommend you have a cleric standing by.”

Mendax Sherrinford

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